The Banality of Evil

Submit by March 15, 2020

This is an open call for artists to communicate what they see as the banality of evil in our daily lives. It poses a challenge to communicate that which has never been communicated before and create a platform for groundbreaking ideas to be brought into our collectivity.

Artists from all over the world are invited to submit work that will use art as the language to communicate their hopes in creating a new vision for the world.

Your piece of art should express, in your perception, the Banality of Evil in our Daily Lives, which has evolved out of our thoughtless behaviour.


Only one artwork per entry is accepted. A successful Your work must be submitted via email with a downloadable link for text, photographs and via Youtube for videos, along with the completed registration form, your CV, a title and statement about your art work and how it relates to the topic, as well as a statement about your work in general.

Artwork in the following categories can be submitted:

Painting & Drawing


Photography and Media Art

Performance Art ‍

The selection criteria is based on creativity, imagination, professionalism and expression of the subject.  All entries will be judged equally regardless of the background of the entrant.  We would like to open the stage for diversity to thrive.

Artists are highly encouraged to document their creative process, which will be presented along with the artwork itself. Initial stages of artwork selection will be by public vote on our interactive social media platforms. The next stage of the selection process will involve registered members as well as artists and prominent members of the art community.

The appointed jury members will select a winner in each category.  All winners works will be exhibited at the final exhibition in Berlin, Germany. Artwork must be submitted no later than 15 March 2020. If your artwork is selected, it will be displayed on our social media platforms, i.e Facebook, Instagram and Twitter along with your name, the title and artist statement. ‍  Staying true to the crowd-sourcing concept, the preliminary voting will happen on the above mentioned platforms.  Artists are encouraged to submit their works as early as possible to begin the selection process. Prizes will be awarded to one artist in each category.

Each prize will include a cash amount of US $2000.


Our jury members will form part of an international panel of esteemed individuals who have proven expertise in arts, culture, community and social practices.  The judges will be announced at a later stage. The most popular artwork, by public vote on social media, will be nominated for the final round where the selected jury will decide on works to be displayed in the exhibition, as well as award prize winners. ‍ Prize winners will be notified via email prior to the exhibition.

While the jury will develop a framework within which they will agree to adjudicate each entry, some key notions would be creativity, imagination, professionalism, and expression engagement on the Banality of Evil in our Daily Lives competition virtual platforms.


Artists whose work has been selected to be part of the competition, will receive a "Thank You Certificate" for participation in the artist call.

All selected artists it will gain exposure on our social media platforms, i.e Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with targeted international campaigns

The top 10 artworks in each of the 4 categories which receive most public votes will proceed to the jury voting round and all 40 works will be exhibited at the final exhibition in Berlin, Germany.

The top 40 artists will also have their work published in a book that will document the project.

 Only the winners (4) of each category will be invited to Germany to be a part of the exhibition to receive the art award.


The winner of each category will receive US $2000.  The project will culminate in a final exhibition to be held in Berlin Germany in May of 2020. As well as being part of the Berlin Exhibition, finalists will have the opportunity to gain exposure through media and a chance to travel to Berlin, Germany.

For more information, visit the Banality of Evil website here.

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