Seeking Artists to Create Sculpture Honoring Dr. Maya Angelou

Applications due by 11 January, 2019

San Francisco Honors Dr. Maya Angelou with a Sculpture at the San Francisco Main Library

Seeking Artists for Civic Commission

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors recently passed a resolution entitled "Affirming San Francisco's Commitment to 30% Female Representation in the Public Realm by the year 2020." The Resolution recognizes that although 51% of the population is female, women are woefully underrepresented in sectors of public and private leadership roles, and their historical contributions are inadequately recognized in public statues and memorials.

The Resolution urges San Francisco to meet and exceed that minimum threshold of female representation by recognizing the contribution that women have made to San Francisco and the world and urges all City departments to endeavor to achieve at least 30 percent non-fiction female representation in the public realm through works of art on City property, names of streets and right-of-ways, parks, public buildings and department websites and publications.

The first of these projects has been identified as an artwork honoring Dr. Maya Angelou in recognition of her many accomplishments including breaking the color and gender barriers by becoming San Francisco's first African American female streetcar conductor, an award-winning author and poet, a Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient and a civil rights leader. The artwork will be located at the main branch of the San Francisco Library, which is located at 100 Larkin St.,in the Civic Center Complex, facing City Hall. Project Description: The sculpture will honor Dr. Maya Angelou. By honoring one of the most significant literary artists and activists of our time, the artwork will be an ever-present role model and inspiration to girls and young women.Recognizing and honoring Dr. Angelou's contribution is a means of expressing the value the City places on the contributions and achievements of all women.While most of the sculptures in the City's collection that honor individuals recognize white men, the sculpture of Dr. Maya Angelou will redress this gender imbalance by not only honoring a woman but a woman of color.

Project Budget Finalist Honoraria: $2,000 plus travel allowance up to $1,000 for out of town artists

Artist's Contract: The artist's contract for artwork will be $180,000, inclusive of all artist's fees, and associated expenses for design, structural engineering, fabrication, insurance, transportation and consultation during installation.

Installation Allowance (under a separate contract between the Commission and an art handler):  $20,000

Application deadline: January 11, 2019

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