Open Call – Group Show #57: The New Psychedelics

Apply by: May 30th, 2018. Curated by Roula Seikaly and Jon Feinstein

Humble's latest photography open call asks for work in "tripped-out forms."

"We could position Humble's next open call as a mile marker in the trajectory of American Landscape Photography.  The 'manifestly destined' photographers of the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth-century segueing into The New Topographics of the 1960s, typologists, and generations following them all. 

We could label this a call for work that comments on a once sweeping, now post-post post-industrial 'pastiche.' We could define it as a new movement of landscape photographers who – having seen it all done before – are making work with a twisted understanding of "the sublime" –  a fantastical escape.

We could call this a new 'movement:' The New Psychedelics. We could say it looks to the land as a distorted muse with psychedelic tendencies – an escape from the realities of overdevelopment and the failures of manifest destiny. We could say it's a visually hypnotic representation of the failure of American politics. 

Or we could simply say: 

We've been seeing some photographers (like Terri Loewenthal) making tripped-out, psychedelic-looking photographs over the past few years, and we're absolutely f*cking drawn to them. Not just landscape photography but lose interpretations of anything photographically psychedelic. We look forward to seeing your acid-drenched photographs of any genre. 

Take your pick."

For more information and guidelines, please visit Humble Foundations' blog link:

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