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INTERLUDE: Street Edition

"Listen to your heart," The Internet sing, in their latest album Hive Mind, from the song Roll (Burbank Funk). The contemporary music band get their name from the common 21st century commodity. Echoing a familiar phrase, these words demand paying close attention to an organ living inside "your" body, your heart. Take another step and "listen to your thoughts," what are these voices in your head telling you? Are you brutal to yourself, or loving? Are you critical? How are you communicating?


     Graffiti Against The System - G.A.T.S. and Roberto Miguel channeled their message through a poem broken into verses written on several walls across buildings throughout Oakland. The Town, a diverse and international city, major political center and creative hub, uniquely located on the Pacific bay between San Francisco and Berkeley, home of the graffiti artist, G.A.T.S., reflects the rebellious soul of street art, which has entered the gallery scene and museums, continues to challenge perceptions about art.



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