Festival of the Impossible

Lisbon 2020 Call for Art Makers, apply by 31 March

Identity and the Meaning of Home,  June 12 - 16, Lisbon, Portugal

About the concept:

We imagine varied stories when asked about Identity and the Meaning of Home, so what does this personally mean to each of us? Might it be a home you desire, a home from a past memory, a home or identity from your imagination as it relates to the past, present or future? Is there a person, place or thing that emerges when you hear a song or story about the subject? What is there? Who is there? Your FOI creation can be real, and it can be a feeling or an idea. Let us see what you are thinking.

When conjuring up your FOI idea for Identity and the Meaning of Home, we are asking that your story be translated using Adobe Aero. This will be fun and will take creativity. We want this to be a challenge with amazing results. If selected, we are prepared to reward your creative efforts with a grant ranging from $2,000-4,000.00 US dollars. 10 – 20 projects will be awarded, and a select group of artists will then be hosted in Lisbon during the show.

Click here for more information and to apply.

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