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ESCAPE: Open Call

Take part in a collective photography exhibition in Berlin! Submit by August 4, 2020


For this new exhibition, Photographic Exploration Project (PEP) invite artists to show how their photographic practice can be used as a way to escape from certain realities. The various limitations we face in everyday life, whether related to a particular situation or to how society is structured, often lead us to look for ways of overcoming them. While some of us seek refuge in remote places and in nature, others are exploring means that allow a certain distortion of reality or the creation of a parallel, dreamlike universe. The motivations behind this search for evasion are numerous and different for everyone: escaping from our mundane way of seeing, from the daily routine, from the city, getting away from one’s thoughts, from certain circumstances, longing for spirituality, and many more. Is escapism a synonym of dreaming? Can the photographic medium, which by essence reproduces the present, become a tool to get away from it? Can it provide a means of breaking away from the past? From your memories? Or from your own feelings?  All approaches to the topic are welcome!

Selected artists will take part in a collective exhibition at the gallery "Tête" in Berlin in September 2020.

The exhibition's first goal is not commercial. PEP's fundamental objective is to give an opportunity for emerging photographers to get their work exhibited for an international audience, share their practice and experience with other photographers and gain recognition. Nevertheless if the artists are interested in selling their artwork during the exhibition, PEP will give them the opportunity to do so. All the artworks will be listed for the public with their respective price as part of a special edition of PEP limited to 3 copies. All details of the procedure will be communicated by email to the selected photographers. Each artist is free to decide if she/he wants to sell her/his artwork or not.

An exhibition catalogue featuring the selected artworks will also be released on the day of the opening. The catalogue will be available at the gallery during the opening days or online through PEP’s website. 

In case the artist cannot come to pick up the catalogue at the exhibition venue, PEP offers the possibility to ship it worldwide after the exhibition.

Submit by August 4, 2020.

For more information, please click here.

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