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Letter From Taj Stansberry

Four thousand seventy eight days ago, I set out on a

journey to discover and live within my purpose. My

greatest fear has always been dying before the world

recognized my effort to contribute to it as apart of the

cure. I've always loved you, and yearned to showcase

that love through my art.

During my journey, I discovered to carry out my mission, I'd need to find a way to support myself

through my craft, and that money would only build half the engine.

The other half would come from you.

For every moment I felt as if I were falling behind, Oakland was there to pick me up. From your

words of encouragement that always began with "We're proud," to the friendly visits down to

Southern California, to all the lessons I took with me that shaped me into who I am today...

I have you to thank.

After taking a walk around my old neighborhood and a drive through "The Town," I realized what

I'm most grateful for; the living experience in its rawest form.

In Oakland, I encountered love, heartbreak, danger, joy, pain, triumph, defeat, great loss and

exponential gain. It was here I fell in love with art.

It was in Oakland that I learned being original was best , and that any obstacle put in my path

was nothing but a test that was only meant for me to conquer.

I couldn't have accomplished all that I have without you- a sweet piece of knowledge that will

stay with me as I continue my journey, day 4,079 and through.

With Love,

Taj Stansberry

DearOakland, Taj Stasnberry pop up art show at EVB Gallery, Oakland, Calif. 16 November, 2019


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