A call for submissions for CODEX Papers No. 2: (First issue will appear early 2019)

The CODEX Foundation is pleased to announce a new and forthcoming publication, The CODEX Papers, an international review of contemporary book arts.

Our editorial brief is to publish papers that promote a clear understanding of the enormously complex and historically rich field of the book arts, including:

· Scholarly, bibliographical, and historical perspectives

· Research, reports, and critical articles on contemporary book arts

· On the future development of the codex

· Photo essays documenting studios, ateliers, and libraries

· Interviews and profiles

· Book and exhibition reviews and publishing perspectives

· Collecting contemporary book arts

· Letters to the editors, opinion, and travel

· Dispatches from the global perspective

o Codex Antipodes

o Codex Mexico

o Codex Nordica

The CODEX Foundation’s mission is to preserve and promote the arts of the book and, in the broadest possible context, to bring to public recognition the high artisanship and the rich history of printing and publishing as an instrument of civilization.

The Foundation’s focus is to create an exciting and lively marketplace for contemporary book arts. To that end we established the biennial CODEX International Book Fair and Symposium as a global resource for artists, collectors, curators, librarians, printers, students, and scholars. In support of our mission and to record the lectures presented at the first CODEX International Symposium in 2007, we published Book Art Object 1 followed in 2012 by Book Art Object 2. Both volumes were received to great acclaim, broadcasting word of the CODEX Book Fair and Symposium far and wide. These substantial reference volumes (972 combined combined pages) are complimented by CODE(X)+1 a series of small monographs (this Summer we published No. 14) dedicated to single critical themes and the artist’s voice. We are now pleased to add The CODEX Papers to our distinguished list of publications.

Please submit proposals including title and subject by December 15, 2018 for issue number 2. Copy deadline is February 1, 2019.

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