AFAC: 2019 grants

Apply by 1 May

The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture – AFAC currently runs nine open call grants programs and one training program by nomination. Each grants program has one annual open call during which applications are submitted online. The grants support individual artists and institutions through the following programs: Visual Arts (VA), Performing Arts (PA), Documentary Film (ADP), Arab Documentary Photography (ADPP), Creative and Critical writings (CCW), Research on the Arts (RAP), Music, Training and Regional Events (TR), and Cinema. The tenth program, Arts and Culture Entrepreneurship (ACE), targets arts and culture institutions through a nomination process. The AFAC support is extended through the grants cycle only. No support is given outside the open call. AFAC receives annually around 1500 applications across all programs. The evaluation process happens in two stages: a preselection by a committee of readers and a final selection by a committee of jurors. Each program has its own specialized and independent readers’ committee and jury whose members are selected anew every year. Previously, AFAC had run a number of other programs that are now closed. Those include: Literature grants program, AFAC Novel Writing Program, Crossroads, AFAC Express, and the Arab Documentary Film Program. Grant guidelines and evaluation process are detailed in each program’s page. Following the link to

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