A New Dawn Rises

In the current state of affairs, there is a pressing demand for mutual understanding. How do we break communication barriers to come together? Are we designed to comprehend vastness?

Image: Wild Sunflowers, Palestine, 2015.

An estimated 7,106 different languages are being spoken around the world. Constantly changing, even the most common languages, like Chinese, Spanish and English, develop novel words and expressions from one day to the next. Our brains are smart organs; and they are sharpened with knowledge. Learning a new language enhances our intelligence; it also opens a window to learning a new culture.

Through language, history is taught, a narrative that cannot be tamed with, a medium separate from personal belief or thought, a concept based on basic interaction with nature, the environment and our surroundings, a reflection of mind's beauty. Every language has its nuances. The detail of each reveals its unique perspective, a view of the world.

The future demands we learn new languages. However, perhaps the most important language of all, the one the body speaks. The composition of the body draws similarities before differences. Eyes to see. Nose to breath. Ears to listen and hear. Mouth to speak. Hands to add gesture. Hips to shake. A strong chore carries heavy weights.

Tuning in with the self means communicating with the deepest sentiments we hold, processing difficult emotions, and releasing our thoughts with every exhale. Shared experiences build bridges. Foreign bodies become familiar faces. Light replaces the darkness, overshadowed by confusion.

Learning, a simple concept to growth, both on a personal and collective level. Learning necessitates relearning, staying open to possibilities, and change. Rethinking the world and expanding the lens from which we view and approach situations, an (r)evolutionary effect to the role we play and difference made.

Begin with the sun rising from the East. A new dawn emanates powerful rays, of color, of life. Though sometimes burn, there is beauty in death. Watch the day unfold pages. Read the script. Write the missing stories.

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